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Coastal Wind & Hail Options Jan 2, 2013
I get numerous phone calls from Grand Strand homeowners who were either told, or who believe they were told, the only way to insure a home in either zone of the Wind Pool from the perils of wind & hail is through the South Carolina Wind & Hail Association (aka Wind Pool). Though sometimes it is necessary, this is usually not the best way to cover your property.

The Wind Pool was formed and is regulated by the South Carolina State Legislature. It is intended to be used as a "last resort" measure. Most of the standard carriers do not include wind but there are usually several different options from both admitted and non-admitted carriers for your coastal home. To learn more about how the SC Wind Pool operates, visit or call (843) 651-9750 and talk to a Southern Coast Insurance Group agent today.
Myrtle Beach Flood Insurance Mar 5, 2012
Here are some facts about Flood Insurance in Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach and Garden City Beach.
  1. Don't think you are in a Flood Zone? Everyone is in a Flood Zone. If you are told you are not then you are most likely in an ‘X' Zone, one of the low hazard areas.
  2. In and around the Grand Strand unless your property is on the waterfront, you are most likely in an ‘X' Zone. The high hazard zones (namely VE & AE) can extend into second and third row lots and along the inlet or creeks.
  3. Lenders do not require you to carry flood if your business or home is in a ‘B', ‘C' or ‘X' Zone.
  4. 35 to 40% of all flood claims occur in ‘X' flood zones.
  5. Homeowners Wind & Hail policies written through the South Carolina Wind & Hail Underwriting Association (Wind Pool) are improved from Depreciated Value to Replacement Cost when Flood Insurance is in place.
  6. Most FEMA Flood Maps are available for viewing online at
Hired & Non-owned Auto for HOA Liability Jan 23, 2012
One of the most important additions that can be made to a condo or homeowners association General Liability policy is Non-Owned and Hired Auto coverage. It protects from certain bodily injury and property damage caused by vehicles that are not owned, but have been used for official association business.

The most common example is when either a board member or an employee is involved in an accident in their personal vehicle while running an errand for the association. If the individual doesn't have adequate coverage on their personal policy to cover the damages, other involved parties could sue the association to make up the difference.

Talk to a Southern Coast Insurance Group agent today to make sure that you and your investment are properly covered.

Why is my neighbors homeowners policy cheaper than mine?!? May 26, 2011

So, you have a 2 bedroom condo a couple of miles off the ocean, in zone 1 of the wind pool. You've been paying $400 for the last couple of years. Pretty standard.

Saturday afternoon while hanging by the pool you and another owner get into a discussion about your insurance policies. Exciting stuff, right? After a bit of discussion he reveals that his premium is less than $300! How can that be?!

Well there are several explanations for the difference in premium. The first, and probably most obvious, is difference in limits. You're insured for $20,000 of Coverage A (dwelling).  You're neighbor, bless his heart,  still believes in the  construction ferry.  In the event of a total loss he believes that this winged and  beer-bellied  magical creature will swoop in and rebuild the interior of his unit for $5,000. Good for him!

Another big contributor to the price of your policy is included coverages. Your policy includes wind & hail. Your buddy over in unit 3-D isn't so worried about hurricanes. After all, Myrtle Beach hasn't seen a major hurricane in over a decade. Odds in his favor, right?

And last but absolutely not least, the carrier makes a huge difference. Competing companies have different rates, different appetites, and different financial situations. All of these will result in varying premium numbers for their customers.

Discuss your condo policy with an Independent Insurance agent. He/She can not only help you decide on the proper coverages and limits, but they have the ability to shop MULTIPLE carriers to find you the best policy for your money.  And  next time you're comparing your homeowners policy with a neighbor, make sure you're both talking apples.

Condo Insurance May 26, 2011

If you own a condominium in the Myrtle Beach area chances are your association takes care of the property insurance for the structure (or shell) of the building, usually called the master policy, but normally thats where coverage stops.

You will require a Homeowners 6, or HO6 policy, to cover the interior of your unit. Items covered by this policy are interior floor coverings and walls, improvements or upgrades to the individual unit, and coverage for personal property.

To find inexpensive quotes on for coastal condo insurance policies please visit THIS link.

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